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        Guangzhou Tech-Run Rubber Part Co., Ltd.is located in the “Factory of the World” --- Guangzhou, the Pearl River Delta where features developed economy and trade in China with the former name of “Guangzhou Baiyun Sealing Chemicals Institute” established in 1993.
         The company was formally registered in March 2003. With the development strategy of “professional”, the company is specialized in developing, manufacturing and selling precise rubber rollers (rubber platen) for office equipments (OA machines) such as precise metal shaft core, silicon rubber, EPT and NBR roller products with the annual output capacity reaching 6 million pieces.
         On October 23rd, 2003, the company passed the ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification.
         Currently, the company has earned high confidence from domestic and foreign clients and has set up stable and friendly cooperation relationship with clients due to considerate customer service, reasonable price and quality products. And the products are directly or indirectly exported to such countries and regions as America, Japan and Europe.
         We are also supporting our clients to test the new products, assisting clients to effectively confirm the design effect from professional angle, thus assuring perfect design, shortening the design cycle, achieving our promise to clients and developing together with clients.

      Production Mode

           In January 2005, the company introduced the Lean Production Mode which is also named as Japan Toyota Production System (TPS) with world best manufacturing procedures. Due to powerful and flexible schedule ability, the company has developed into the outstanding supplier with JIT daily supplying ability.

      Realization on Lean Production

           It is undoubtedly the eternal admiration and pursuance for manufacturing industry to achieve as comfortable and harmonic as flowing water. When meeting the requirements on diversified products, it is the challengeable art to keep swift and flexible response.

      General Manager